wine is one of the greatest signs of civilization in the world

 – Ernest Hemingway –

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Our history

Since 1974, the passion for wine...


Cantine Capitani company was founded in 1974 with the name “Trevignano Vino”, in Trevignano Romano on the northern outskirts of Rome. The vines grown in the area featured native vines such as Trebbiano, Greco, Malvasia, Sangiovese and Montepulciano. The first winery in the country, with the first two labels, still in existence, of the blends of native Trebbiano and Malvasia vines for the "LacusTre Bianco" and Sangiovese for the "LacusTre Rosso". In mid-2000 the "young" Capitani entered the world of international vines.

Starting with Merlot and Syrah, vines that have taken root well in these volcanic lands, refined both in their young form in steel and more aged in wood, we then continued with the international whites, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Viognier; keeping the name of the vine that composes it in purity on the label. Furthermore, the natives are being rediscovered such as... Cesanese d'Affile, offered in a single variety aged in wood as the first vintage in 2018. In 2009 Trevignano Vino also introduced Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pleasant, delicate, with a typical taste and aroma of the variety of the area. Furthermore, thanks to the meeting with an artisanal distiller from the region, he offers a Sangiovese grape distillate, a soft and enveloping wine distillate.

Cantine Capitani, is the new name of the company which since 2015 has decided to validate the efforts of that same "Capitani" family who has always believed in the wine and grapes of their lands, so much so as to honor this fruit with their care and own work, creating increasingly high-quality labels.

Production takes place in a large warehouse, along the hills of Lake Bracciano, where the adjacent vineyard lends itself to the organization of company visits complete with tours and tastings. The recognition for the territory is found in the point of sale where there is a selection of artisanal and local products, from sweet to savory, excellent in combination with the production wines. The company aims to provide the best service to customers, who can find the wines directly at the point of sale.

Our grapes

Cantine Capitani honors its grapes with various labels. With the vineyards in the Trevignano Romano countryside below Mount Rocca Romana, considered an excellent area for excellent quality agricultural products, the company tends to produce a wine for all occasions and all tastes. The vines that the company cultivates for its labels range from native ones, such as Trebbiano, Malvasia, Greco, Sangiovese and Montepulciano, to Internazionali PGI Lazio, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Viognier, Merlot or Syrah. All the wine is vinified and produced at the company itself, where it is possible to request guided tours from the vineyard to the cellar, where you are fascinated by the man-machine collaboration in the creation of the "fruit of Bacchus". The Captains will be happy and proud to make known their processing techniques and the tools necessary to produce wine, that wine given by the lands of a small village on the shores of Lake Bracciano.

Experiences in the Cellar


We are waiting for you for visits and tastings in the cellar, upon reservation, to let you discover our wines, oils and local specialties.

Visitors will be guided on a pleasant cognitive journey, from the vineyard to bottling, where, accompanied by expert people, each working phase will be explained.

The Tour begins with a walk in our vineyard, then arriving in the winemaking rooms to learn about the processing phases,

where human knowledge meets the technologies at our disposal.

A fundamental tour to better understand, during the tasting, the work and passion we dedicate to the vineyards and the cellar.

You will have the opportunity to taste from one to more wines depending on the route chosen, accompanying them with typical zero-mile artisanal products.

For correct tasting we advise you to avoid:

chewing gum or sweets before or during the tasting;

smoke before tasting;

perfumes or lipsticks, lip glosses;

Reservation is mandatory at least 1 day in advance.

We do not serve alcohol to anyone under 18.

For info, costs and reservations:

  Tel. +390699825612

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